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Stay Tuned for Some Excitement

Next week I get to talk about Quantum of the Seas. Whoeee! It seems like we have been keeping this a secret forever. Stay tuned for some excitement. As always with a newbuild that is first in its class, we have put our heart and soul into the design of Quantum-class cruising. While there are many exciting new ships emerging from all parts of the industry, I believe viscerally that no other cruise lines devotes itself to the newbuild design process the way Royal Caribbean does.  It starts with the insatiable passion of our Chairman Richard Fain and reverberates through the ranks. It starts about four years in advance of the ship’s delivery and picks up momentum relentlessly along the way.

The newbuild design process has been a fundamental building block of our culture from Song of Norway to Song of America to Sovereign of the Seas to Nordic Empress to Legend of the Seas to Voyager of the Seas to Radiance of the Seas to Freedom of the Seas to Oasis of the Seas to Quantum of the Seas. It has been an incredible honor to have participated personally in the last seven of these processes. We are confident that Quantum of the Seas will do justice to the tradition.

It is impossible to do justice to everyone and everything that contributes to this effort.  Of course, a lot of the effort takes place within the newbuild organization under the direction of Executive VP Harri Kulovaara and VP Kelly Gonzalez. But many other areas from Finance to HR to IT to Supply Chain to Sales & Marketing are also immersed.  Over the next 18 months until Quantum of the Seas’ delivery, we will try to give a flavor for various aspects of the process, especially the Operations team’s preparation to operate the ship and deliver the Wow as we have conceived of it. I will look primarily to Lisa Lutoff Perlo, our Executive VP of Operations, to keep you entertained about our doings in this regard. It’s worth mentioning that we will take delivery of Anthem of the Seas, sister ship to Quantum of the Seas, a mere six months later. So take all of the excitement and multiply it by two.

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“Stay Tuned for Some Excitement”

  1. Shawn Udovich

    Looking forward to Quantum, what can my clients expect to see that is different from Allure & Oasis ? Without giving to much away obviously, I have a lot of clients that do not like to fly to Florida and we are all hoping that Quantum finds a home in either Baltimore or Cape Liberty. That being said, are there any plans to enlarge the port of Baltimore to meet the demand of the cruisers there ?

    Thank You !!

    Shawn Udovich
    Owner Tiburon Travel

    • Adam

      We appreciate your comment, Shawn. Please watch our page for more information about Quantum of the Seas! Thank you.

      • Cassandra

        You posted on FB a picture of Quantum. Where is the stream link you are talking about?

        • Adam

          We hope you caught the stream of our live event, Cassandra. But if you missed it, you can click here for all of the details on Quantum of the Seas.

    • Jenna

      I am wondering if the Quantum of the Seas is bigger than the Oasis of the Seas or what is the comparison to the Oasis of the Seas?

      • Adam

        Hi Jenna, Quantum of the Seas will be 167,800 gross registered tons and accommodate 4,180 guests at double occupancy. Oasis of the Seas is 225,282 gross registered tons and accommodates a 5,400 guests at double occupancy.

  2. Jason O.

    Where will be Quantum of the Seas home port be located and what other ships might be moved around once Quantum joins the fleet?

    • Adam

      Thanks for your questions, Jason. More information will be released soon so please keep an eye on our page.

  3. !Richard Pennington

    I can’t wait to see the Quantum. Do you plan to put the build on TV like you did the freedom?
    Thank you for your great vacations.

    • Adam

      You’re welcome, Richard. We’ll be releasing more updates on Quantum of the Seas soon so please keep an eye on our pages.

  4. Tom Hoiland

    Looking forward to a new beautiful ship in the row of RCCL ships. Looking forward to see Quantum of the Seas, and her sister ship Anthem of the Seas. What do you know – I may even “jump” on a sea adventure with one of them (or even both)
    Happy sailing from Stavanger, Norway.
    Tom Hoiland

    • Adam

      Thanks for your comment, Tom. We too are excited about Quantum of the Seas.

  5. Caroline Walsh

    How come Royal can put a dispute on my credit card and the reason given is “every now and then you stop a card”
    I could not pay for my cruise in June until it was settled, I was very upset, my card company said there was no reason for the payment not to go through. It is the only card I have and use on Royal, I am a Diamond member, and expect better
    treatment than this. Thank you.

    • Adam

      We apologize for your inconvenience, Caroline. We’ll pass your comment along to the proper department for review. Thank you.

  6. Eden Caletena

    YAY!! I can’t wait for my family to sail with the new ships. After we sailed with Allure of the Seas 2 years ago, we fell in love with Royal Caribbean, now we’re LOYAL to ROYAL!! ……47 days till Freedom, Freedom of the Seas to Western Caribbean – Woohoo!!

    • Adam

      Thank you for being Loyal to Royal, Eden. We can’t wait to see how much you’re WOWED by our Quantum Class.

  7. Nancy Leclerc

    Great to hear! I hope the new ships comming out will go to different places in January February and march!!! Kinda sick of going to the typical st Thomas Cozumel and Nassau.

    • Adam

      We appreciate your comment, Nancy.

  8. Marcus

    Cannot wait to hear the news! Ill be booking on as soon as its physically possible!


    • Adam

      Excellent, Marcus. We’re happy to hear your excited.

  9. Joe & Phyllis Cutshaw

    We cannot wait for further info on the new ships. We want to book a.s.a.p. when it is annouched. Would love to sail over with it when it is finished.

    • Adam

      Thanks to the both of you. We look forward to having you onboard.

  10. Fred Waterman

    Can’t wait to hear more about Quantum, as she is going through the build. I cant wait to sail on both her and her sister once Royal takes delivery. I was on the Allure, during her Inagural year and had a blast, and hope to be able to do the same on these two new ships.

    • Adam

      We hope so too, Fred. Thank you for your comment.

  11. Tommie

    What is the projected delivery date for the first ship Quantimun of Seas want to plan for Inagural sailing dates.

    • Adam

      Hi Tommie, Quantum of the Seas is expected to sail and be delivered in the Fall of 2014.



    • Adam

      We appreciate your comment, Dolores. Please click here for all of our cruise deals. Thank you.

  13. Elaine

    Is it possible to publish the daily agenda of all activities and shows to be available to the customer when choosing a cruise? Or, at least for the confirmed customer to be able to plan their days once onboard. I felt completely overwhelmed at the variety and amount of activities for seven days, and would have appreciated more time to plan our days. Receiving the daily itinerary the day before was tough to plan around for example already booked excursions that could not be changed…so, we did miss some on board activities we may have rather stayed on board for. Thanks for your attention. We cannot wait for our next cruise!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Elaine. We will be sure to pass along your suggestion to the proper team.

  14. Pauline Nichols

    I’ve only been on the Voyager and the Navigator. I have read about and seen pictures of the Oasis and it’s amazing features. I can only imanige how beautiful and exciting these two new ships will be. Congratulations Royal Carribean on jobs well done. I look forward to my next adventure with you.

    • Adam

      That means so much to us, Pauline. Thank you.

  15. Diane

    Heard this ship will have cabins for the solo traveler, what can you tell us about this? How will he size compare to the standard cabins you have now?

    • Adam

      Hi Diane, more information about Quantum of the Seas will be released soon so please keep an eye on our page. Thank you.

  16. Michael

    Will there be a Broadway Musical on these ships?

    • Adam

      Hi Michael, please check our pages soon for information about Quantum of the Seas.

  17. Rudy Martinez

    Can not wait to sail on the new QUANTUM!

    • Adam

      We’re glad to hear that, Rudy! Thank you.

  18. William Prague

    Is there a way I can find out what ship Mr. David Morgan & his puppet “Chucky” will be preforming.on, our granddaughter has seen his show three time & she loves the duck.

    Thank You,

    William Prague

    • Adam

      Hi, William– Unfortunately, David Morgan and Chucky are not booked for any future dates at the moment.

  19. John DiMare

    Are you going to soooon let us know and be able to book the new ship end of 2014, sorry and impatient like you . Thanks ready too book..

    • Adam

      We will be making announcements soon, John. Thank you.

  20. Edna Taylor

    We are very excited to hear about these two new ships and we were also wondering if there will ever be a chance to have a Freedom class ship sail out of Galveston? Since we live in Houston, Texas and are only 45 minutes from Galveston, that would allow us to cruise more than once a year :)

    • Adam

      Hi Edna, at this time there are no changes for the ships out of Galveston but we will be sure to pass your suggestion along to the proper department for review. Thank you.

  21. AJay

    Wow I am so looking forward to the news. My fiancee and I just did the Liberty of the Seas last year and are honeymooning on the Allure in a few months. Depending on when the ship launches we may be on the new ship for our anniversary.

    • Adam

      We’re happy to hear that, AJay, and we hope to see you onboard for your anniversary.

  22. Susan Feldstein Cruise Magic Inc

    Have always been Loyal to Royal as a travel agent and my personal travel.

    • Adam

      Thank you for saying so, Susan. We truly appreciate it.

  23. Elizabeth

    Looking forward to the reveal on 16th April,. Can you tell me please what time the reveal will take place ?

    Hopefully we will have plenty of time to study deck plans and pricing before booking opens.

    I am hoping there will be a European Inaugural and Transatlantic Inaugural along with the US Inaugural.

    Good luck for the 16th.

    • Adam

      Hi Elizabeth– Please stay tuned, information will be coming soon.

  24. Thomas Lamb

    Looking foward to seeing all the new info.

    • Adam

      Thanks, Thomas!

  25. Reene

    Hi Adam:

    I am soooooo excited about the April 16th annoucement of the Quantum of the Seas and have already marked my calendar.

    • Adam

      We’re happy to hear that, Reene. Thank you.

  26. Ryan

    What time will the event tKe place on Tuesday?

    • Adam

      Stay tuned to our Facebook page, Ryan, for the most up to date information.

      • Brandon

        All right…it’s April 16. I checked the Facebook page…nothing, yet. What time??? The suspense is killing me!!!! :)

        • Adam

          Hi Brandon, we hope you caught the stream of our live event! In case you missed it, please click here for all information on Quantum of the Seas.

  27. Camill

    Quantum of the Seas is awesome….. I like the skydiving…..what about the dinning room… what is it going to be called…the bars and all like that…anyway big guy you did good …the only thing I am worried about are the winter months in New York when it snows and the airports are closed…I will be flying in from Florida this could be a problem for me….anyway I will have to work around it…see you soon….

    • Adam

      Hi Camill, we appreciate your enthusiasm. All details on Quantum of the Seas can be found here: Continue to check our the site as we release more information on the Quantum of the Seas in the upcoming months. Thank you.

  28. Lucky G

    But of COURSE you have an indoor skydiving adventure. How else could you top the zip lines, rock climbing and flowrider on Allure/Oasis. And I JUST gave this (indoor skydiving) to my (adult) son as a birthday present. He suggested I hold off and give it to him when your ship sails…I said, “I’ll pay for the skydiving…but you have to pay for the cruise!”

    Can’t wait to see what the Quantum brings to the sea.

    • Adam

      Fantastic, Lucky! Thanks for your comment and we look forward to having you onboard.

  29. Elizabeth

    Congrats Adam & everyone involved in the NYC Reveal yesterday. It certainly was a magical , awesome, mindblowing reveal.

    But, please can you tell me when will we know the actual Inaugural date & itinerary?
    Will there be another reveal soon that will give us those details, there is only a few weeks until booking opens after all.

    • Adam

      Hi Elizabeth, Quantum of the Seas will offer 7- to 12-night itineraries during the winter 2014/15 season. We’ll be announcing ports of call in the coming month.

  30. Cassandra Paul

    Hello Adam, my daughter and I recently went on our first cruise and we want to tell you we had the time of our
    life. In viewing your site I see the Quantum is the next ship to sail, can you provide a date and port it will
    be going out of, thanks.

    • Adam

      Hi Cassandra, Quantum of the Seas will be home ported at Cape Liberty right across the Hudson River from Manhattan in Bayonne, NJ. She will offer 7- to 12-night itineraries during the winter 2014/15 season. We’ll be announcing ports of call soon. Thank you and we look forward to having you both onboard.

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